Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December to Remember

Entrepreneurship students take a Google Expedition to NASA Space Center and later to the Moon.

Virtual and Real Trips Away From the Classroom 

Business Students were fortunate to experience some new technology this past month with a visit from Google. Students tested the New Google Cardboard Device for the purpose of trying their first Google Expedition. An Expedition is akin to a virtual field trip. Business Students piloted the technology and then evaluated its applications both inside and outside of the classroom. 

Students travelled to The Congo, The Coral Reefs of The Florida Keys, NASA, and The Burj Kalifa Hotel to name a few. Students were impressed with Google's latest gadget and see the utility of the product as it is further developed.  

A smaller contingent of VEI Students travelled to Carlson High School to meet with their VEI Class. Students exchanged ideas and best practices. Carlson's insight as a more experienced VEI program proved very useful to THS Business Students.  They also planned for the February VEI Trade Show in Holland, MI and an April 2016 Trip to New York City.